Most of the Warwulfs are known for having a herd instinct and for being reluctant to integrate the human society. The Fenrirs perfectly illustrates this fact. They never travel alone and are very wary, if not hostile with strangers. The Fenrirs mostly remain ruthless warriors constantly seeking prestige and fame. They therefore never stay no more than a few years in a same Cabal, in the shadow of a Jarl. Sometimes, instead of leaving, the most reckless even venture to defy their Jarl as part of a bloody Holmgang.


By engaging in the Alienation, the Warwulfs eventually acquire a kind of mastery of the Alienation Arcana. They can recreate the Alienation effects whenever they want, without having to release completely the Tormentor inside. Therefore, the expert Warwulfs can develop a perfect Darkness Vision and their hands can turn into Obscure Claws. Even though this state of Alienation remains minor, the Warwulfs must constantly resist the dark attraction of their powers and avoid turning into Skölls forever. Todo so, the Warwulfs silently recite the Galdar Chant. This ancient ritual protects the quintessence of their mind from the Alienation stigmata and keeps them from giving in to a constant frenetic rage.


Rumor has it that the Völurs know the original location of the Interworld. Every winter

solstice, all the Völurs disappear into an unknown place, driven by a common Obscure

Vision. Due to this Vision gift, the Völurs are considered as spiritual guides by all the

Warwulf Cabals. Besides, the Völurs do not hesitate to join the fight when an Obscure

Vision leads them to what they call The Scarlet Path. These Obscure Visions seem to

support the theory according to which the Völurs physically wander the reality plane,

Midgard, but that their mind is connected, in an inexplicable way, to Heldgardh, the

Blackness Domain, one of the Obscure Plane’s territory.


One of the Warwulfs is more famous and ancient than all the others. Her name echoes in

the Warwulfs’ hearts like the promise of a glorious battle. Freydis Erikstoddir reigns over

all the Warwulfs with an iron fist. The Jarls receive her orders but can also benefit from her

advice in the secret ruins of the Uppsula Temple, near Stockholm, where she lives as a

recluse. Since their recent appearance, Freydis has serious designs on the Obscure

Plane’s Domains and some foresee that the latter would constitute a telluric passage to


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