Today, only a few Tormentors are still wandering without Hosts. They are condemned to hide away in the darkest places, far away from any source of Radiance. All those deprived beings end up feeling the reassuring and subtle presence of a kindly superior entity which protects them and guide them. The inner voices of the 7 Primordials then echo deep within their souls like a revelation. The perpetual search for a Host then appears to be completely inept and their real aim soon becomes the search for the Obscure Plane’s Domains only ; or at least that for the Primordials.


Only 7 Tormentors have never experienced the Grip. These are called the Primordials, and are original creatures coming from the pure Obscure Essence, deprived from any emotion. Therefore, their precepts fundamentally differ from ours. They are thus erratic by nature and the other creatures of the Obscure Plane have poor influence over them. These Primordials have been living together for centuries, cloistered in an underground temple which was once an Obscure Plane’s Domain, the Pluton Gate. “The Underworld Gate” is situated inside the wall, below the stone benches, in the city-state of Hierapolis, built in the 2 nd century Before the Common Era. Recently rediscovered, this simple stone gate leading to a cellar was considered as sacred by the Romans. Eunuch priests used to force animals to enter this place, which eventually died from suffocation. That gate is now out of use due to strange emanations of Obscure energy, potentially lethal. When a Primordial leaves the Pluton Gate, it means time has come to appropriate a new place of power or to murder and judge. So far, all those who openly opposed a Primordial have died, brought down by their perfect mastery of the entropic Obscure energy.

[EN] “Behold and bow down to the all might Obscure energy personified!”

Primordial Aher’ys, when a new Tormentor arrives at the Pluton Gate.


Over time, the seven Obscure minds of the Primordials merged during their long periods of residence at the Pluton Gate. From this evanescent jumble emerged the Unique; a collective conscience which is up to now the most powerful Obscure essence of the Materiality plane. The 7 Primordials are as one, the Unique is their voice and its only objective is to get back to its original plane, the Obscure one. This entity influences and guides the other lost Tormentors to serve its design, which it considers as superior to any other. Then inspired by the Unique, the Tormentors have an extreme mastery of the Obscure energy which surpasses that of all its congeners by far. Under the effect of this domination, they gave up on the idea to retrieve their Host. They all focus on the search for the Obscure Plane’s Domains, since the Unique considers them as possible esoteric gates leading first to the Interworld, and then their original plane.


Several centuries ago, a handful of Tormentors rebelled against the Unique’s tyrannical authority. Those intrepid, if not reckless, Tormentors owned a powerful artefact, the Agris Helmet. The latter protected those who wore it and the people close to them from the Unique’s mental domination. R’zakh, the most opportunist of all the dissident Tormentors, gave in to the Unique’s redemption offer. He stole the Agris Helmet and threw it in an underground pit near Constantinople. From then on, the rebel Tormentors were unable to resist the Unique’s orders and had no choice but to lay down their weapons. Their sentence was then exemplary and without due process. Their minds were violently annihilated and then replaced by a fragment of the Unique’s mind. That is how the Lost Souls were born, some ethereal and fierce half-humanoid, half-reptilian creatures, which justify their actions to the 7 Primordials only. This way, those creatures remind the other Tormentors the price to pay when their authority is defied. Since that terrible day, what happened to R’zakh the traitor has remained a mystery. Some Tormentors think that he lives recluse somewhere in the depths of the ground, while others suppose that the Unique has eventually destroyed him. Mostly because R’zakh is the only one to know where exactly the Agris Helmet is, this artefact at the root of the uprising.


Most of the Tormentors still in activity are therefore haunting the cities’ dark places or the

natural caves, looking for the Obscure Plane’s Domains. These are fleeting creatures for

the most part, which prefer to avoid direct conflicts with the other creatures of the Obscure

Plane. They are called the Specters. The latter can however become frightening enemies

when it comes to defend an Obscure Plane’s Domain in emanation, the presence of which

they can feel better than anyone else. When an Obscure Plane appears, there is always a

Specter nearby.

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