Before it disappeared, the Interworld aroused the curiosity of many creatures of the Obscure Plane. Those ethereal beings, devoid of substance, fell under Reality’s spell, inherent to the Materiality plane. The most audacious ones resolutely entered the Interworld, considering the promise of a new existence with elation. That is how several hundreds of Tormentors set foot on the Materiality land.

After very long years roaming, the Tormentors understood, at their expense, that they could only have little influence on Reality in their original form. Although they had the ability to distort the truth, thanks to their mastery of the Obscure Plane’s Arcana, the power of the Materiality’s creatures was even mightier. They could manipulate Reality’s elements instinctively. Frustration soon followed that elation feeling, then confusion and even disillusion sometimes. They also felt a tremendous pain, generated by the Radiance emissions coming from the sun, as soon as they made the mistake of exposing themselves to daylight. Since they refused to end up cloistered in the Materiality’s darkest badlands, most of the Tormentors began envying the power human beings had over Reality.


In order to quench their thirst for substance, the Tormentors understood that they needed to look for a tangible Host, a carnal envelope gifted with a conscience on which they could extend their Grip. This possession power, originated from the Obscure Plane’s darkest Arcana, would be their salvation. They therefore turned to men with greed in order to enter and control both their bodies and minds and appropriate a material form. Once the Grip sealed, the Tormentor’s mind inevitably gained the upper hand over that of the Host. For centuries, human beings were then hunted down for their carnal envelopes by the Tormentors. Most of the Tormentors succeeded in embracing their gruesome fate while others made the mistake of underestimating the ability to resist of some humans’ minds. From the nature of the Grip therefore arose the Vampyrs, the Warwulfs and the Immortals.

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