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Mercurius III was born in 1090 in the city-state of Strigony. He is considered as the first known Voivode in Transylvania, under the reign of Coloman, King of Hungary. Mercurius III was a rich prince from Kiev and the Medved Order’s long dynasty, very close to the king, but also a political rival of the Court’s grand master and the king’s brother, Almos. Mercurius had eventually seen through Almos’s devouring ambition, who planned to overthrow his brother’s reign. Alerted to the threat Mercurius represented for his Machiavellian designs, Almos had no choice but to name him Voivode of a far-off infertile land located in the depths of the Carpathians; the aim was to exclude him from the royal court without arousing suspicion. Under the yoke of “Coloman’s laws”, Mercurius could not oppose this appointment. He therefore began a long and dangerous journey, with the few men who remained loyal to him, in order to reach his new fiefdom, an abandoned Motte-and-bailey Castle near the actual

village of Magura.


The villagers tried to warn the new comers about the Motte-and-bailey Castle, which was

long since reputed to be haunted by an evil spirit at night. Mercurius ignored those local

beliefs with an arrogance he had inherited from his line’s noble blood, determined to take

possession of the domain he considered as being rightfully his. That mistake unfortunately

turned out to be fatal. A few nights later, his sleep was disturbed by a violent nightmare from

which he could not escape. After long hours fighting within, his mind was eventually broken

and reduced to nothing but a whisper. S’Klov, a Tormentor, which had claimed ownership

of the dark mazes of the Motte-and-bailey Castle’s archaic underground passages for

decades, had chosen him for his Grip. The sinister destiny of Mercurius III was sealed as

soon as Merkur, the Vampyr, arouse from that Grip.

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